Lunar Hide and Seek
I forget to water my plants
then weep over them
my back arching
like their wilting stems
and beg them to come alive
as I drown their roots
in my tears
one side always grows heavier than the other
but plants lift each other up
much unlike humans do
I play hide and seek with the moon
throughout my sleepless nights
as it disappears behind lit up skyscrapers
then reappears again like my memory’s
cry for slumber
until the first hint of sunlight kisses the sky
and reflects itself onto the building
facing my bedroom window
and I realize
I have forgotten
to water my plants again
Love Potion Slips
I slide down the bridge of your nose
and dip my toes in your dilated pupils.
I grab hold of your eyelids and scream
into your disappearing soul for the reason
behind your absence. I hear an echoing
that mirrors my state of delusion.
I beg you to release me from this trap.
Unravel my tangled mind.
I sit under the shadow
of the sadness in your eyes,
and bury myself
in the forest beneath your frown.
You get bigger and bigger,
arms with muscles bulging out of your tight fitted shirts,
and you smile about it,
while I get smaller and smaller.
I’m Alice,
and in the looking glass,
I watch myself disappear
one freckle at a time,
my skin flashing with acid
burns that purse through my chest.
I’m Alice in the tiny looking glass
and my eyes fall at the edges.
My eyes curve and form vertical drops;
waterfalls so sharp,
they leave white surfaces on my chin,
like those at the bottom of a forgotten river.
In the night, our hearts intertwine,
skipping beats to synchronize our breaths.
Our fingers lock. Our tongues dance.
Our lips build bridges, leaving our eyes
to drown in the storms beneath them.
We whisper sweet nothings into each other’s
ears, and hear stars escape constellations.
I’m happy. ecstatic. intoxicated.
The sun rises, our hearts  d
and I long for your nocturnality.
This Isn't Wonderland 
Somehow I always end up
with nothing but threads,
strings enchanted with scents
that drown memories in blackholes,
then struggle to dig them up.
Somehow I always end up
losing every shovel I ever find
then get lost in forests of endless solitude,
mistaking shadows for trees.
Somehow I always end up
lying awake in a comatose
of dreams disguised as reality,
searching for the hourglass
in a maze of oblivion.
War of the Words
You’re poetic even if you can’t write.
You’re poetic if you can hear the words
dance on the lines
and the letters fight each other for space;
survival of the fittest.
but sometimes you’re just a line in a song,
just sound waves digested by their ears
in a language they have no appetite for.
I was born to write what your mind could never tell you,
because all writers do is pick up the truth
then throw in a few lies in each corner
because the truth will shatter
every eye that attempts to shoot the words into
the minds of strange readers
and grief will not change you.
It will reveal you.
Between Now and Never
We run from the giant petals
of love me and love me nots
from opposite sides of a garden
that has long been burnt down.
We crash into each other,
mistaking our collision for an embrace.
My heart shatters into fragments
as your lungs bruise with the trees
of guilt that you’ve inhaled.
You fall onto the stars and don’t land
on concrete until you drag me with you.
We run around bulls and bounce
on the moon, escaping into the darkness
of a night illuminated by nothing
but the attachment we can’t break free from.
But the drugs ebb away with the stars
and I run back home to an unbuilt castle
while you stay, lingering in
the remains of our not so secret garden.
I fight the hands of time enough
to know that defeat does not
always announce itself.
It’s the shadow that has been
chasing me all these years.
and I go back to that garden
time after time.
because a lot can happen between now and never.
The In-Between 
ice beneath my feet.
blinking lights ahead;
red, green and blinding white.
a treadmill of sand and faces
zooming in, illuminated by a little
short of a full moon.
a man climbing the sea,
a shadow on the horizon, lost
lovers buried in cold imported sand.
ice beneath my dangling feet,
a shiver down my spine.
clouds crashing into my speedy vision,
and a disagreeing body, mind
jumping out.

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